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Appreciate the Pruning

Sometimes in coaching the right question is about the season a person is in.

Is it time to prune back or is it time to nourish and protect what is gaining momentum? What are the signs to help us discern our energy levels and which direction the creativity is moving…waxing or waning. How do we be true to our design and produce what we are meant to produce? Is there any ripe fruit we need to notice or did we actually miss the harvest?


Today I took a walk in the forest and was mindful of the blackberry bushes all along my path.  I have been watching and waiting! Most of the blackberries aren’t ripe yet. But the wild pears have fallen onto a path and are being eaten up by birds and small creatures.  It makes me wonder how we miss things. Important things.  And what keeps us from producing fruit in season when it should be so natural. Nature shows us all the steps. Truth be told, I have been walking daily on this path for a month now and I never even knew there was a pear tree there, let along 5 trees full of ripe pears.  I never looked up to see.

How is this like our lives? Some things seem to take forever to cultivate and other things happen so easily, we hardly notice them, until it is too late.  Some fruit is stolen before it ripens, some fruit didn’t get enough sun or rain or protection. Some plants weren’t pruned enough so the weight of the fruit broke the branches.


Back at home in my own garden there is a small blackberry bush. With all the rain lately, I hadn’t expected much.  But today I turned the corner and was shocked to see the abundant fruit. The timing was perfect.  I ran for the strainer and gathered up every berry that easily fell from the vine.  I relished the moment and put my feet up to fully enjoy the sweet tangy taste of fresh blackberries.


Sometimes the perfectly ripe fruit isn’t where we expect to find it, right in our own backyards. Whether it be a child who is ready to share their hearts or a marriage,  ready to celebrate after a season of hard work, a friend ready to share a big decision, a client ready to sign a contract. It is important that we stop our striving and regrets to notice where the ripe fruit is waiting.  Then we will have to make the hard decision to stop what we are doing to pay it the appropriate attention it deserves.  Can we stop the cycle of producing to notice what is ripe around us?  Before the moment passes…and we miss it.


Part of the struggle for some of us is that we are so used to toiling the land that we have stopped expecting the reward; or that we somehow don’t deserve it. But if we watch the natural laws of nature, and are true to our own design, heed the seasons for planting and watering, get loads of sun, nourishment and protection, prune in the winter, reserve energy to birth the new things…there will be fruit. Fruit you can enjoy! It is part of a cycle that doesn’t change.


You are enough. You are worth it. You get to rest. It actually works better that way. Watch for the ripening of time to honor yourself and those closest to you.  Wherever you are in the world, there is almost always something ready… calling out to be picked and enjoyed in its season.  Look up and receive the good thing.