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Prepping for the "Launch"

You are the person and place from which your children, this generation, step out into the world. They must be prepared, believed in, empowered, and launched well.


I have been thinking about what it takes to launch a rocket. I have images in my memory of hearing the rumble and seeing the smoke, feeling the excitement and the tension at lift off. I remember watching on television how much pressure and force is put on the launch platform and its foundation.

Furthermore, considerable effort is put into prepping for each launch of a rocket, facilitated by a good foundation. The actual design, the calculations, the planning for contingencies, and the careful pre-flight checks all can be intense, and they are necessarily complex; but all this is often overlooked in the anticipation of and the excitement of those first few seconds following launch: all eyes are on the rocket.

We are the platform that will launch our children into the world.

If I zero in on the concept of the foundational platform required to launch a rocket, I think of a massive, multi-story structure at NASA. In terms of launching children, I think of parenting. We are the foundations from which we launch our children into the world. Have we considered the importance of how their launchpad is designed and equipped for the pressure of sending them into the globally and socially complex atmospheres? Have we built multi-story launch platforms, or have we only shown one perspective? Do we know what it takes to send our children high enough to see the bigger picture of what is happening in the world? Have we imparted enough humility to be helpful, or are we sending them out entitled?


And when I think of prepping for launch, I think of the schooling and education that happens right before university to shore up and prepare students for the rigors ahead. I also think of organizations that are there to allow philanthropic endeavors to reach into economically-challenged places through gifts and investment in people.


If I could encourage you in this thought process, I would say that the foundation – not to mention facilitating the critical process of prepping for launch – is about you, and not them. You, not them. You get to speak life into your children. You get to listen to their dreams and help them connect them to their strengths. You get to show them their potential to impact the world. You get to help them carry the burden of fear and grief and instill vision and hope. You get to name them and empower who they are. You get to make choices that provide them with opportunities to learn and grow.


You also get to hold up a mirror and look into who you are before them. What are you modeling? What dreams are you living out? What are you building, securing, holding onto, and letting go of? How are you balancing confidence and humility?

You, not them. You are the person and place from which your children, this generation, step out into the world. These children hold the answers to present challenges. They must be prepared, believed in, empowered, and launched well. They may fail to make an impact if we don’t build strong, secure foundations; if we don't strategically prepare launch pads designed for them, to blast them to their heights and destiny.


Separation is coming. There is a count down. There is tension, fear, and excitement. All normal. You were made for such a time as this. Go all out. Live well, love well, and lead well on their behalf. They will look back and thank you.


Written by Armandee Drew


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