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What are GLT students saying?

"The biggest impact from GLT for me was the Rule of Life. It is something you don't break. It is meant to refresh yourself and prepare you for whatever you have to do." --Rahul Gandharva, grade 10

"The biggest influence [from the GLT] was how different people can look at the same things and see a completely different perspective. It encouraged me to actively look for different views on a subject." --Yaseem AlManaee, grade 10

"Awareness of the different worldviews allows us to understand each other and helps us adapt to each other's comfort zones." --Daris, grade 10

"Creating a 3rd culture space blends the worldviews to create an accepting and understanding environment." --Bella & Laura, grade 10

"There is always a bigger picture than what you see...so I look deeper into an issue or image before I make a decision." --Abdulilah Bukhari, grade 10

There is a war for talent--a quest for skilled labor around the world. And it will only increase. As a result, more people will be hired in other countries, and it is more likely that everyone will be working with people from other countries.


Students who understand themselves, their culture, and understand how to communicate across cultures, will set themselves apart and make themselves more competetive.