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"International Mindedness"

"Global Citizenship"


These are concepts expected to be implemented into schools with very little practical instruction on how to include them in everyday educational practice.


KnowledgeWorkxED gives practical tools and strategies on how to recognize and include intercultural perspectives into every facet of the school.


One day workshops for educators and educational leadership

Culture Shock Adjustment

Culture Shock can be disruptive and costly, affecting students, teachers, and families alike. Learning the signs of culture shock and strategies to overcome it can help every part of your school community become successful sooner.

Building a Third-Culture Space

Assumptions can hinder communication and instruction. Creating a "Third-Culture Space" recognizes the value and perspective of different backgrounds and forms a place where communication is clearer and everyone can be heard.

Introduction to Inter-Cultural Intelligence

Increasingly, schools are required to implement practical strategies to address international mindedness and global citizenship. Introduction to ICI moves beyond visual cultural differences, addresses core underlying beliefs, and recognizes that each person has an individual culture.

Creating Vision and Mission with Inter-Cultural Intelligence

Lay a critical foundation of intercultural awareness by creating a vision and mission with a global focus. International Mindedness and Global Citizenship are key concepts looked for on federal, state, and international levels. Embed these ideas into the foundation of your school.